About the Project

The ‘Making It Happen’ programme aims to reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity by increasing the availability and improving the quality of Skilled Birth Attendance and Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care. 

This is achieved by:

  • delivering a country-adapted competency based training package in Emergency Obstetric Care and Early Newborn Care.
  • strengthening of data collection and use
  • introduction of quality improvement methodology

Increasing the availability and quality of skilled birth attendance, emergency obstetric and newborn care is expected to result in an increased number of women accessing that care at the time of birth. In case of obstetric complications a reduction in maternal case fatality rates and still birth rates is expected.

In its first phase (2009-12), the Making it Happen programme operated in 5 countries (Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, India and Bangladesh), working in close collaboration with the Ministries of Health to build capacity of national trainers and researchers to ensure sustainability and results. The programme applied evidence based training, using proven adult education techniques, together with improved supervision and data management.

Under MiH (2009 – 2011)

More than 2000 health workers were trained and supported in the provision of emergency obstetric and newborn care;

There was an observed 25-50% reduction in the maternal case fatality rate and a 15% reduction in the stillbirth rate at participating facilities.