Nynke VbAcross the world, almost 300,000 women die each year from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. This equates to a woman dying every 2 minutes. For each woman who dies, thirty survive but suffer lifelong morbidity.  In addition, 3 million babies worldwide are stillborn, and an additional 3 million die in the first week of life.

The challenges are stark, and within this context CMNH positions itself as a global centre of excellence in implementation research. 

Our research-led work falls into 3 main categories: Design, Implementation and Evaluation.

We create innovative healthcare packages that focus on continual improvement in the availability of care, the quality of care and measuring the effectiveness of care. 

We currently work in eleven countries and it is a key feature of our approach that we partner strategically with governments, Ministries of Health and global agencies to ensure optimum impact of our work and that key findings are disseminated appropriately.

Our research portfolio stands at over £20million, with a further £10million worth of proposals awaiting approval.  We also now have a team of over sixty members of staff in Liverpool and in-country, all working towards our mission of achieving global equality in maternal newborn health.

I do hope that you enjoy finding out about who we are, how our work aims to save and improve the lives of mothers and babies worldwide, and how you can get involved.

Thank You.

Professor Nynke van den Broek, Head of CMNH