CMNH is a research-led unit on target to be a leader in implementation research within the field of maternal and newborn health.

Our research activity falls into three main categories:


We design innovative healthcare packages, drawn from our research expertise and tailored to the specific conditions of the countries and settings we work.

Emergency Obstetric Care & Newborn Care Package
Quality Improvement Package
Making it Happen with Data Package


By conducting research in the field and directly implementing our healthcare packages, we are continually strengthening our approach by testing and modifying our methods.

Making it Happen
In-Service ‘On the Job’ Training, Sierra Leone
Maternal Morbidity Project


As part of our own Implementation Research, we conduct robust collection, collation and analysis of real-time data, performance indicators and signal functions. We also have a track record of winning commissions for the evaluation of external public health programmes.

Evaluation of Health Transition Fund, Zimbabwe
Mapping of Sexual and Reproductive Health & Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Data Collection in Humanitarian Crises
Making it Happen with Data Package (as above)