About CMNH

The Centre for Maternal & Newborn Health (CMNH) aims to improve the quality of life of mothers and babies worldwide by reducing mortality and morbidity.

We are a multi-national, multi-disciplinary team of academics and support staff, working in partnership with governments and other stakeholders to deliver a range of research, teaching and technical assistance programmes in Africa and Asia.

The Centre offers unique expertise in using the rigorous discipline of research to inform teaching and technical assistance programmes to improve the health of mothers and babies globally. We do this in the following ways:


In the developing country setting, we use quantitative and qualitative research methodology, to measure the effect of complex interventions and research the effectiveness of the interventions; we then are able to translate the evidence gathered into policy and practice.


We have extensive experience in curriculum design and delivery of teaching programmes, and currently run the following:

Both courses are accredited by Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).

In addition we host a number of international PhD students.

Technical Assistance

Through long and short term technical assistance, we actively support a number of in-country programmes that aim to strengthen the health care delivery system with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health and maternal and newborn health in particular.  


Gaining global recognition as a strong lead in capacity development in maternal and newborn health.

Over the years partners have attested to the added-value of working with CMNH. In particular, our partners have appreciated the Centre’s ability to:

  • Work at a geographical scale including scale up of effective interventions to improve maternal and newborn health in eleven countries in Asia and Africa and sharing lessons learned both in-country, regionally and internationally.
  • Deliver a range of interventions together in one or more packages of care.
  • Develop new, practical and competency-based approaches to building the capacity of health care providers to provide effective, good quality maternal and newborn health care across the continuum of care spectrum, which have been adopted as best practise by in-country Ministries of Health and professional associations.
  • Develop robust systems of monitoring and evaluation which result in the demonstration of evidence-based, measurable outcomes and impact.
  • Work in genuine partnership through the relevant Ministries of Health and other key stakeholders in country to ensure ownership and sustainability.
  • Focus on service delivery but ensuring health systems as a whole are strengthened and linked to community approaches.