Selection Process

When selecting UK faculty for our EOC&NC courses we require an equal balance of experienced and new facilitators. As the faculty for 2014 are very small teams- the usual requirement is for 1 new facilitator accompanying 1 experienced facilitator. We also try and have a mix of specialities were possible (midwives, obs/gyn, anaesthetics, other). This is done to ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst in country.

An ‘experienced facilitator’ is someone who has attended any EOC&NC course in any country abroad for us, and ‘new facilitator’ is someone who has not yet facilitated a course abroad.

Support in place whilst you are abroad

To make sure you have the best experience possible whilst in country we take the following precautions

  • A risk assessment will be completed in advance
  • You will be included onto the LSTM Insurance
  • You will receive a detailed Travel briefing contains updated information from foreign office website and emergency numbers.
  • We listen receive security updates from LSTM and in-country partners on travel safety.
  • We also use Red24 security alerts- must make sure you have most current e-mail and telephone number available this can be updated by you online (profile)
  • Emergency 24hr numbers are available. (LSTM ,In-country partner, Key travel, Travel insurance agency Chartis)
  • We provide up to date Foreign Office Advice